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About Genesis Precision

Based in Cambridge since 2001, Our main aim is to establish a close working relationship with our customers, developing a high level of service suited to their individual needs. For many of our customers we have become a one stop partner, to ensure this, we offer services throughout the product development process, from prototype to full scale manufacture and assembly. To demonstrate our support and advice to the customer, we offer free consultancy for design-for-manufacturability (DFM) of components.

Our highly-skilled and well-trained staff, coupled with the latest in CNC machinery, help to maintain our reputation in providing precise components at very competitive prices, and often to very tight deadlines. All parts are manufactured to customer specifications from a wide range of materials which include aluminium, brass, Stainless, plastics, steels and tool steels along with super alloys.

Focused on the manufacture of high quality precision components, we demand precision throughout our business. To respect and represent our principles we have established our quality management system with the globally recognised ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard. To ensure that these principles are consistent throughout our business structure, the purchasing department only source materials from quality assured companies.

To allow us to provide the highest quality of service we understand our requirement to constantly evolve with the manufacturing industry. To achieve this, key investment areas are identified on a continual basis.


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Investing for the future, our highly skilled and well-trained staff, coupled with the latest in CNC machinery and technology, help us to maintain the high level of service our customers are looking for. Our aim is to deliver the best service every time.

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