Commitment to Best Practice

Here at Genesis we are fully committed to minimise the impact our business has on the environment and on the exploitation of natural resources. Our environmental policy applies to all aspects of the business and is continually monitored by setting achievable objectives and targets so that we can further improve our performance in these areas. Quarterly management meetings also include a review to assess our progress.   

Reducing waste and careful recycling have good commercial and financial benefits, both of which help motivate all our staff to maintain a positive approach to the commitment of our environmental roles and responsibilities. The utilisation of our Health and Safety policy is also a key tool for maintaining safe practices throughout the business especially in the areas where chemicals are used.

To help reduce our use of resources we have installed LED lighting throughout with motion sensors installed to switch lights on and off automatically in rooms that are not always in use. Packaging is reused where possible and purpose made packing boxes with a long lifespan have been introduced for customers to return once they are empty. To help in the reduction of emissions we place orders with suppliers for either a weekly or monthly delivery. Staff are also encouraged to cycle to work where possible.

Where possible most of the materials we use are recycled, however we are constantly looking at ways to reduce the consumption of items such as paper and cardboard and to reuse them if possible.


Genesis Precision Engineering's environmental statement

Investing for the future, our highly skilled and well-trained staff, coupled with the latest in CNC machinery and technology, help us to maintain the high level of service our customers are looking for. Our aim is to deliver the best service every time.

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