Manufacturing Materials

We manufacture components from a wide range of materials some of which include aluminium, brass, ceramics, copper, plastics, stainless and carbon steels, super alloys and tool steels. All material that we hold in our stock is recorded and logged using our own internal colour coding system whereby each billet or bar can be easily identified by name and grade.

Having a wealth of experience and understanding for machining materials and in their varying grades help us when challenged with the more complex of materials such as medical grade plastics and ceramics.

Materials have their own machining characteristics and mechanical properties which require consideration when selecting the correct material for production of component parts. To help make the right choice when choosing a material, we are always happy to offer advice at any stage in the design process, key benefits of which can be reduction in material and manufacturing costs as well as overall appearance of the end product.  


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Investing for the future, our highly skilled and well-trained staff, coupled with the latest in CNC machinery and technology, help us to maintain the high level of service our customers are looking for. Our aim is to deliver the best service every time.

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